Affordable, Stylish, Well-Made, and Comfortable!

TaggerWear is proud to be an Authorized Reseller of Very Fine Dancesport Shoes here in Eastern Ontario.

Our new store -- has over 200 pairs of shoes in stock, and we are adding more all the time. We have dance shoes for every style of dance: Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, West Coast, Salsa, Square, and Social dancing. If we don't have the shoes you are looking for, Very Fine Dancesport Shoes has thousands of styles to choose from, and their entire collection is available for us to bring in for you -- in about 10 business days.


We have reorganized this page to show you shoes appropriate for the different styles of dance. Shoes that have a double asterisk (**) after their name will be standard inventory. All others will be available for order if they are not in stock.

Remember, if you don't see the shoe you want, check out Very Fine's website. We can get any of their styles in stock for you.

Salsa Collection

Stunning shoes for Salsa performance, practice, social dancing -- for women and men!


Standard or Smooth Shoes

Ladies' closed toe shoes and men's standard or smooth shoes for competition and practice.


Latin or Rhythm Shoes

Practice and Competition Shoes for Ladies and Gentlemen in Latin or Rhythm.


Social Dancing Collection

Social dancing means wear whatever you want! From sparkly shoes to custom designs, you can have it all. A wide variety of heel types, from low heels to very high for ladies, and general shoes for men.

This collection basically is everything we have in stock!



Performances need sparkle! So here are the new Crystal Collection shoes, as well as some other sparkly Rhinestone shoes available for Ladies!

Gents, we have not forgotten about you! Shine is the word -- beautiful patent leather enhances the performance!

Practice Shoes

Wearing street shoes for lessons is not a great idea. For one, dance shoes have different construction. They're built for dancing, not walking or sitting. Two their soles have suede on them. This helps with grip on the floor, as well as glide -- which is a paradox, but it's true! Third, your dance shoe should not fit with big socks. It's suppose to be close to your foot, like a second skin. If your foot is flopping around in your sneaker, you won't be able to feel the floor -- and you have to in order to learn those movements properly.

Practice, training, lessons -- sometimes you just need to wear a comfortable shoe that you can dance in for hours. 

For ladies, here are some lower heels that will fit the bill.

For men, practice in regular leather shoes, or try out some dance sneakers! You'll never know how comfortable a dance shoe is unless you try. 



West Coast, Square, Lindy

Flat heels, flat soles, are what you're looking for. So here are some styles to get you started! We are adding to this collection with your feedback!



If you have not worn your new shoes, you may exchange them up to 30 days from the date of the sale. Please bring your receipt with you.  If you experience a failure in the shoe as the result of a defect, please notify us within 21 days. We can have them replaced at the discretion of Very Fine. 


Yes, on all Classic style Very Fine shoes, you can order narrow or wide shoes. This is a special order, and will take 5-8 weeks for delivery. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit on these orders. However, the deposit can be applied to another shoe if you want.


Most Very Fines styles come in more than one colour and with more than one heel height. Check their website for a full listing. If the colour or heel you would like is not listed, it may be possible to order.

Classic, Salsera, and Signature style shoes can be ordered with a different heel and fabric. There is a $20.00 fee for this service. As a special order, these shoes are not returnable or refundable and will require 5-8 weeks for delivery.


Yes, we have heel protectors for Very Fine shoes. Heel protectors are not universal, and each brand of shoe should have their own heel protectors. However, if you still cannot find them for your shoes, bring them in to our store, we may have a size that fits your shoes.


Very Fine warranties their shoes free from manufacturing defect for 21 days. If you experience a problem with your shoes within 21 days of receipt, then we can assess them for exchange. These things that are not covered within the 21 days:

  • Unusual wear patterns -- because everyone dances/walks on their feet differently, wear patterns are usually unique to the individual.

  • Damage due to shoes getting wet or dirty

  • Damage to soles due to being worn on non-hardwood surfaces

  • Cracking in the leather, patent, or mesh at flex points