Don't want the expense of reusable masks and still want something custom for your business? 

We now can offer custom printed Level 3 disposable masks in Kids or Adult sizes.

Starting at $135 for a package of 50.

Non-Medical Face Masks

Non-medical face masks are not meant to be worn for any medical reason. The do not protect you from contracting an illness. They will only help prevent the spread of illness should you be a carrier.


Do your part to stop the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses by wearing a stylish face covering.

Reusable Non-medical Face Masks branded with your company or store logo are a great way to take ownership of this requirement, and turn it into a prestige statement for your company. And just like your shopping bag, it’s advertising when you give one away free to your customers.

Help your customers and staff spread the word of your business with a branded mask! 

Dye-Sublimation masks we make here in Ottawa are printed on 100%  Polyester Chloroban (TM) fabric for vibrant colours and it has an amazingly soft feel against your skin.

We also have a wide variety of designs we can print onto pre-made masks.