Stretch clothing is a hot item -- and some of it has zippers. If you want to make yourself a warmup jacket for yoga, and you don't want a pull-over, then you need a zipper. 

Installing a zipper in stretch fabric is a little more tricky than in regular fabric. So come learn with us! In this class we'll make a cute and simple warmup jacket out of a microfiber stretch fabric. 


  1. Pattern copying and cutting (Adult sizes XS-XL)
  2. Fabric Cutting
  3. Serging
  4. Installing a zipper
  5. Hemming and finishing


Materials are available for purchase with us, but if you prefer to bring your own, you will need a separating zipper -- at least 26" long, and abount 1.5m of stretch fabric (medium sized). Add fabric for larger sizes.


Time 5 Hrs

Cost $125

Yoga Jacket