Rhinestones & Sparkle

Rhinestones - sparkle of any kind really - attracts our attention! It makes us stand out! And it's just plain pretty.

So if you are into rhinestones, and you want to put them on everything, we're there with you! Come learn the professional's tricks! Get the scoop on the right tools, the best techniques at our Stoning Workshop.


Rhinestones are sold by the Gross -- which is 144 pcs. This is an industry standard. We cannot break a package for a dozen. Larger stones, 30SS and over are sold in 1/2 dozen packages.

Bulk packages are available and they are 10 gross or 1,440 pcs. Larger stone bulk packages are 1 or 2 gross packages.

We are your source for rhinestones in Ottawa! We sell five types of stones:

  • Swarovski

  • Preciosa Czech

  • LUX Austrian

  • HQ Replica from the UK

  • Acrylic


We can get any colour and any size you want. We have full colour charts for you to look at with your garment to make sure you have the right ones.

You can apply stones to the following:

  • dance costumes

  • sublimated fabric

  • custom sportswear

  • dance shoes

  • synchro swimsuits

Rhinestones by Colour

This is what we have currently in stock, however this changes all the time. In addition, we can bring in what ever colours you need. Delivery time varies from 2 weeks to 3 days. 

These are Flat Backs, if you are looking for Hot-Fix or other jewels, please call ahead. Bulk packages are available. Please contact us for pricing.

Rhinestone Accessories & Tools

We can custom make bracelets for you to match your dress or costume. The stones are glued onto nude or black elastic and have a snap closure.